Mommy Monday

A fresh start

Much has changed since I first started my “adult” blog. Er…not to say that it was rated for mature audiences, but that it was the one I decided to maintain after multiple starts, stops, and changes in my life and the things around me.

I’m hoping this will be the last one. At least, the last one for a minimum of maybe four years? five?

The goal is still the same as my previous blog: post once daily about different topics that matter in my life right now. I realise the topics I match up to each day may change over time–it happened over at my old blog–but I’ll try to keep the transitions smooth.

Who am I now?

I’m a wife working on improving my relationship with my husband. With two kids, it’s been difficult for us to carve out husband and wife time but we’re learning.

I’m a mom looking for a way to be a better mother to my kids. This has meant having to allow others to mind my sleeping little ones while I work to buy myself a little bit of quiet time or time to sit and reflect.

I’m an artist itching to get back to writing stories, painting, and taking pictures. I have all my tools ready and all I need now is the discipline to keep at it.

Of course, that’s just a very small part of who I am and what my life is now. This is life online and the only parts I am comfortable with sharing. I have my offline troubles too, of course, but most of it won’t make it here. I do and have shared some issues every so often. When I do, it’s usually when I feel like it’s something I’d like to hear someone talking about just so I know I’m not alone.

So here we go. First post, mid-way through the month.




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