Timeout Tuesday

Storage Wars*

*In case someone thinks it, yes, I purposely used the title and no, this post has nothing to do with the show. It does, however, have everything to do with how we spent our Valentine’s Day afternoon.

It was entirely by accident that I decided to dig through our storage closet. It began with the arrival of the furnishing that we’d pulled out of the flat we were renting out. The tenant didn’t need many of the things we’d already provided since he’d been living here for a while now and had his own things.

A few pieces we decided to use for our own home. The rest I intend to take photos of to sell. Hey, there’s an idea: I’ve stuff for every day of the week (ideally) anyway, might as well do Sunday Market, eh?

Some items were dismantled with the intention of putting them in the storage closet and lo! It was full!

Out came the boxes, out came the baskets…piles and piles of things known and forgotten.

A friend once fondly accused me of being on perpetual clean-up mode. Maybe I am. Especially now that I have my own children to make space for. Yes, yes, we need a lot of space. This is funny because I think our house is rather big for a small family like ours.

Yesterday was yet another day that we were able to dispose of many items that we no longer need or are too battered to be of good use. Still, there is much that needs sifting through.

I does amuse me how I find the tiring work of cleaning up to be one of my most relaxing activities. Perhaps those qi/chi masters have it right: energy flow in a home is blocked by too much clutter. And even if they were wrong, too much is too much, and there is always a need to let go of things that are no good to you but can find a place with someone else.

So here’s to more space cleaning and may we end up with a streamlined, minimalist home.



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