Fabulous Friday

Fit Mom Goals

Is it unfortunate that I am not a selfie type of person? Maybe. Else I would have a lovely photo of the morning sun accompanying this post.

It has been a week since I started my morning walks. I was about 156-158 lbs when I gave birth to our second son and frankly, it’s not a good place for me to be. My knees have been complaining about the extra weight–I feel it every day when I stretch and my knees groan in response. My back has been a problem since my third trimester and continues to bother me and I can’t even say enough times how much my calves cry out each day, especially when it’s cold.

This was not a decision I made randomly though. I merely thought it’s a better use of my time.

Kian has been waking early lately, anywhere from 5:30 to 6:00. This means I would have to wake, too, so that the helpers are not derailed from their morning schedule and can clean the house. So, it’s out of the house we go.

If it’s too early for him to be brought outside, I leave with a dog and come back about 30 minutes later to take him outside in his carrier. Right now I am using our Ergobaby, but I do look forward to when I am able to slip him comfortably in my Tickled Moms meitai. I don’t know why: I’m really more at ease with meitais and ring slings than a soft structured carrier.

30 minutes out per child: first the four-legged one and then the two-legged one. It’s like having a warm up exercise and a cool down but both while bearing weight. For one with a highly sedentary lifestyle, it feels a little excessive to start out with but I’m happy that I seem fit enough for it. I come home tired, hungry and thirsty, but not breathing as heavily as I used to.

Hello, 2016. Let’s try and get back into shape, yeah?



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