Travel Thursday

Travel packing a la Kondo?


I’ll be honest: I’m not a Marie Kondo follower or fan. I’ve read up a bit, sure, and have found that I’m pretty close to her method of putting some stuff away.

But props to that though: I’ve changed the way I pack our clothes, incorporating that almost roll up technique of folding shirts into the equation.

Here’s how part of it looks:

Just part of it because…y’know. The delicates. ^_~ (And I just noticed part of it is peeking out anyway despite the care I took to avoid it.)

Well, that done, it’s making things less frustrating for me so far. I hate it when my husband makes a mess of our bag so this allows him to view everything easily.

We had to take care of some family things and as a result, went to stay at my grandparents’ old house for the earlier part of the week. This bag excludes the cloth diapers we brought along for the duration of our stay: with both children still in diapers, it’s quite a large bag that we need to carry diapers in. Some folk might consider it a hassle but with my kids’ skin being this sensitive, I’d rather stick to cloth, thanks.

It’s quite nice to see our things packed up this way, actually. Very neat and very easy to get to. I may have found my new style of packing for trips.



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