Fabulous Friday

Lipstick a Day

So far I’ve primarily discussed physical fabulousness on Fridays, even with my older blogs. Today, as the title implies, is no different.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have a large collection of makeup for someone who doesn’t wear it daily. So I made up a rule for myself that I need to wear at least lipstick on a daily basis. This applies whether or not I leave the house because really, spending that much on makeup I don’t use…

So I’ve started small. Lipstick every day. It does a lot to make me feel good about my day and get me started on the work I need done. It makes the day fun, too. I mean really: how many people do you see with lipstick on just to walk a dog around the block?

My next target is eyes. Eyebrows first and then a bit of eyeshadow. Nothing fancy. Monochrome lids will do. But I can go fancy if I’ve time for it. Lord knows I have plenty of colours to go as far as a rainbow eyelid.

Hello, 2016. It’s a tough road to travel but we’re going to make it.



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