Working Wednesday

Learning from Homeschoolers

I have no patience for homeschooling and absolutely no plans of homeschooling either child but there is much that I have borrowed from them in terms of knowledge.

I have images saved on my phone, my tablet, a Word document, and a little notebook filled with different recipes and ideas on what I can do with my kid to help support and augment what schools teach. I love how sensory play has been teaching him so many skills!

He loves art the most, I think. Maybe it’s my own influence as I deem myself something of an artist as well. Eventually I know he will branch out into his own favoured activities: he’s showing interest in things that both my husband and I enjoy. Which one will dominate we shall eventually see.

I’m slowly putting up links to my favourite resource blogs up top. Please go visit them if you’re up for some messy, creative fun with your own children! It’s so worth it.



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