Mommy Monday

The Sibling Bond

My sons have one thing that I will never understand and that title is precisely it: the sibling bond.

I’d wondered why Kian has always been so sensitive to the sound of his brother’s voice. This post from The (Reformed) Idealist Mom says it all, I think.

The thing I feel I will have the most difficulty processing is how siblings can be the most amazing frenemies. As early as now I can see it with my sons.

We went for a trip to what my grandparents’ house just last week. I had to alternately hold one child and then the other–yes, they were in and out of their car seats…we shall tackle that another time–with one or the other occasionally crying because he wanted mommy all to himself.

It was not a pretty sight, I can tell you that.

And yet, as Kian bawled his eyes out, Llew, also in tears, wrapped his arms around his baby brother and, as I’d told him to whisper, “Kian, Ge Ge* here.”

I’m a little sorry that I don’t understand this aspect of family. At least not yet. There is much that my children can teach me about compassion and love, I just know it.

* Ge Ge is the Cantonese term for older brother. Locally, I’ve heard my husband’s family pronounce it more locally as “Ko Ko” but when they speak in Cantonese it’s a little more like “Keu Keu” in sound to me… Well, don’t quote me on that, please. I’m not that good at Cantonese yet.


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