Timeout Tuesday

Tabula Rasa

I found this old silk screen some weeks back when we did a random inspection and cleaning of the storage closet:

We used this to create our own sheets of paper for an experiment back in high school. It’s filthy and I had to wash it–ended up getting the gum from the paper tape on a small corner of the fabric–but now it’s ready for a little bit of artistic experimenting.
I don’t know what I’ll paint just yet. I just know I want to try painting on this thing just because I can. I’ll likely post my progress on it via my art blog but I wanted to share it here as well since, well, it is one of my ways to give myself a bit of a time out. Plus, it speaks loudly to me in terms of how I feel right now: needing time to refresh myself.

Funny how random found objects can do that, isn’t it?



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