Sandy Sunday

Sunday afternoon found me finally introducing Llew to cloud dough. It’s not as easy to sift through the fingers as kinetic sand but, in my opinion, it’s close enough (plus I did find a recipe for kinetic sand, too, I just haven’t tried it out yet). What I love about it is that it’s two ingredients and so easy to make. My thanks go to Jackie of Happy Hooligans for sharing the procedure.

I actually prepared this mixture at least a month ago. My son was more obsessed with his paints though so it was left untouched for a while. When I checked, it was still good and perfectly clean so no kidding: this baby will last for ages…well, maybe. I made sure to put it in a large container…that turned out to be not large enough and he spilled it all over the front step. Well, flour is flour and I used sunflower oil so it was safe for our crazy dogs to taste.

There’s something to be said about getting messy. Well, lots of things, actually.

It’s not for everyone. I love getting messy with my kids but I have my threshold, too. I prefer to keep the mess outdoors where it’s easy to spray things down with a hose if it comes down to that. Of course, one easy way I’ve chosen to remedy this is to keep messy play as close to outdoors as possible.

You’ll likely end up cleaning it all by yourself. Unless you’ve an older child with a better grasp of the matter. My kid’s interpretation of “clean up” last Sunday was to rub his feet all over the spilt cloud dough and make it “disappear” by spreading it around.

You will have fun. Messy play is fun, let us not deny that. It uses all the senses, taste being conditional. And the look on your kid’s face? Priceless. And you? You will have memories of your own childhood playing in the sand come rushing right back.

You will want to keep any toys with electrical/mechanical bits awayOr remind your child to be prepared to lose a few toys in case the flour mixture gets inside any gaps in the toy. I warned my son against burying his toys in the “sand” but the warnings fell on deaf ears. I opted to just let him do as he will and talk to him about breaking his toys when it comes up.

At the end of the day, did my son have fun? Well, yesterday morning, he saw where I put the container of cloud dough and asked his dad to fetch it for him. He’s been out on the front step, claiming the entire walkway to our main door as some kind of quarry cum bakery.

Please don’t ask me to explain that last bit. I don’t understand it either. ^_~


WARNING: A final word of caution when using cloud dough. I mentioned it’s messy but didn’t mention how much the stuff truly mimics damp sand. It will cling everywhere! I had to vacuum the kids’ playroom twice.

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