Mommy Monday

“I’m here for you”

Apparently, I have been doing an unusual thing with my kids that strangers seem to take notice of when we’re out in public.

I believe I began doing it about two months ago or so. Whenever Kian cried, I would enlist Llew’s help in calming him down by having him hug Kian and telling him to say “I’m here. GeGe (Big brother) is here.” And lately, I’ve been talking for Kian and bringing him down next to Llew when Llew is upset and I say “I’m here. Kian is here, GeGe.” (Hmm. Maybe I should learn to say “baby brother” in Cantonese…)

Since I have no siblings, I don’t know if doing this with my boys is unusual in any way. But apparently it’s rather attention-grabbing.

For now, they seem to be drawn to each other whenever either needs comfort and can’t get it or don’t want it from us. Just yesterday, Llew hit his chin on a halfway divider at the food court, cutting his lip. He cried and after I’d checked and comforted him, I sat him down next to Kian. Kian stared at him for a few seconds then began reaching for his older brother. In response, Llew reached for Kian and hugged him. Kian, in turn, seems to have started finding some comfort in the practice as well. While not entirely calm, he does wind down a little after Llew has hugged him.

I don’t know how long it will last. I’m expecting thunder and lightning to strike within a few months when Kian begins to really move independently. I’m hoping it won’t.



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