Mommy Monday

Quiet Bliss

I recently received my KAMsnaps Starter Pack last week. I cannot express properly how excited I was over getting it. It meant I could repair cloth diapers that had lost snaps, first and foremost, but also, I’d wanted to give making quiet books a try.

What’s a quiet book?

Essentially, a quiet book is a collection of fabric sheets or pages meant to entertain children. And…well, given the name, I would say it’s with the hope they’ll stay quiet. I’ve seen them made for toddlers to school-age kids which is just about right for my older son.

So after I got my KAMsnaps kit (I will need more snaps soon) I decided it was time to get cracking. Quiet books can be stitched, glued, and yes, probably snapped up together, too. And happily, I may have hit the motherload of all quiet book page inspirations!

I seriously want to make these for my kids because I can tell they (and we!) will need quiet books for a lot of different situations like travel or meals. I’ll be doing my materials purchases next week and hopefully I can manage to make time to slowly build up their quiet books.

If you’re like me and looking for inspirations, here are the two links I found with loads of great ideas and links to other inspiring ideas:

Have fun!




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