Timeout Tuesday

Romp and Circumstance

I, regrettably, did not take a lot of photos. But last Saturday was quite possibly the best fun ever with the boys.

The heat has been terrible around here. Summer has always been less than ideal in terms of temperature unless you’ve easy access to a pool or the sea, and with the climate being the way it is, it’s worse this year.

The boys don’t have a new pool yet–we somehow seem to manage to get ones that pop easily or maybe the help has been over enthusiastic in inflating it–but we do have a large woven mat that we lay down out in the terrace. Last Saturday, we allowed the kids to roll around on it and run cars and trains over and under the mat. It was probably the best fun they had while clad only in their nappies. (We tried to have Llew in his big boy briefs once–he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of saying he needs to pee before it actually happens.)

I love that this allowed them to have a perfectly blended space combining the feel of the indoors and outdoors. Husband has since moved the mat to the front of the main door to avoid the afternoon sun and it was an excellent call despite the slight difficulty in crossing to the playroom.

By next year I’m hoping we will have that play house ready for them. Or at least on the way. Goodness knows we need to move the play kitchen out of their playroom. I love that they’ve got the playroom to chill in and watch TV when they want–while playing with their toys–but Kian will be independently moving soon and it will be excellent fun for them to really spread out and I can focus on making the playroom their quiet space. We’ll need it!



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