Mommy Monday

Six Months of Survival

Also known as “Where did time go?”

I barely even got to record all his moments. I must write everything down before I forget.

I remember the newborn I held in my arms and I’m shocked by how different he is six months after.

We’ve survived six months of adjustments. Six months of changes and constantly trying new ways to make sure you two get as much attention as you need and deserve.

Six months during which you’ve shown us what beauty we can look forward to provided we are able to maintain the love between you two.

Kian, you’re asleep right now and I’m just staring at you in awe because you have come so far from that fragile little thing I was so scared I wouldn’t know what to do with. You made me feel like a new mom all over again.

Six more months and we will be solidifying your ties to the Lord via a ceremony attended by our nearest and dearest. You will be a year old and more aware of what’s going on, unlike when you were first anointed and dedicated to him. Someday both you and your brother will be more aware of the weight of this.

Know always that neither of you are alone and that we will always be there to lend a hand or an ear.

Love, Mom


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