Timeout Tuesday

Watercolour Adventures 

How I wish that I could actually teach well! Perhaps this is the main reason why I am so afraid of the idea of homeschooling. That said, we did have some artistic fun today–and I realised I’d rather make watercolours for my son than buy them because it seems that palette was more expensive than I initially thought!

I bought my son watercolours to stop him from messing with my Prang Watercolour Set. He’s used them before, true, but at some point, Mama has to say “Enough.”

Well, let it never be said that watercolours are not for young children and cannot be used for finger painting.


Full disclosure: The Amazon links on my page are affiliate links. I do not link to anything I haven’t tried and liked myself, I promise. ^_^ For the rest, I gain nothing except to show love and support for the product.



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