Mommy Monday

No, I haven’t “found Dory”

But I did find this. It’s a blog by a dad whose kid has a form of autism that I’ve only just heard about. But it’s not about the autism exactly but about the child.

I can identify with the journey because it’s the same struggle I’ve had with my own parents and part of the reason I take such pride in raising an independent little boy. Yes, I’ve often found it frustrating how he doesn’t ask for help when he should but isn’t providing a safe place for him to explore his boundaries my job? We’ve had our share of scares and scrapes, true. The worst one is one I’ve not highlighted before but if you look closely, or even not so closely, you might notice that our Go Breastfeed Boldly photo has a little “imperfection”.

There’s a little detail here that you may not have noticed.

Did you see it?

Yep. There’s a piece of plaster on my older son’s forehead. Underneath that are two stitches holding a small wound together. I must admit, he seems to treat his scar like a badge of honour but that was immensely traumatising for me. It never seems that way but I have been particularly paranoid since he split his forehead. “Never seems that way” because I continue to allow him his space to explore.

I’ve asked myself before if I’m crazy, allowing my kids so much room to run around and get hurt. And believe me, they have had so many bumps and scrapes that I wonder if we’re record-holders somehow. Not to mention the paranoia over how each bump might affect their over-all mental development.

I have to keep telling myself “Calm down and talk to them. Think of ways to help them remember to keep safe.” Sounded so familiar when Jason Hague blogged about how Dory’s parents did their best to protect her but in the end, had to accept that she would and needed to explore things on her own.

The life story of every parent ever.

Some fight it. Some allow it.

I’ve long since decided to allow it. It’s frightening for me but to see the pride and sense of accomplishment on his face? Magic. And I want him to feel it every time he manages to master something new.


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