Fabulous Friday

The Korean Skin Care Challenge

Okay. First off, it’s not an actual thing. It is, however, a personal challenge because I have been known to let myself go in favour of dealing with a lot of other concerns. Never a good thing, especially when I already got halfway through my goals about a year and a half ago.

Now it’s do-over period again.

I’m starting with my face mostly because my facial routine has been horrible the past months. A lot has been going on offline that I don’t care to share about online. Not publicly anyway. Suffice it to say that it has affected a great deal of things that I do online, including forgetting to blog regularly.

Sorry, sidetracked.

I read this article ages ago. I’ve since made my own adaptation using local products (I am in love with Human Nature and, because I sell the stuff, too, it kind of serves two purposes, yes?) and I did get fabulous results after. I wasn’t very consistent though and I’m paying for it now. *sigh*

No matter. I don’t take a lot of selfies but since this is about my vanity, I will share progress photos. My skin is at its worst right now, honestly, so let me say right now that documenting this journey is also a test of courage. ˆˆ; Not like I hadn’t done it before in another blog. (Reminds me, too, that I need to migrate that content to here!)

Well, here goes nothing. I hope making this journey public pushes me to take better care of myself.



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