Daily Thanks

It’s Really About the Little Things

Note: This was written and saved as a draft in 14 October 2016. I completed the post but have not changed the references much.

We have been busy lately. You can probably tell because I have posted rarely. A lot has happened offline that I can’t seem to get my mind to catch up enough to put things into writing.

But here I am now because I needed to share this. Because I feel blessed and grateful that it happened and I want to write about it.

We had an impromptu family date night last Friday. Traffic flow was terrible and we were hungry. So we stopped to have dinner.

The first moments of bliss were found watching my sons eat. Boy did they eat! Fish is one of their favourite food items so that was a huge factor but I did not expect them to behave so well and eat so well, too!

We were at a small mall that had a department store so after a leisurely dinner, I told my husband we need a store pit stop before leaving. Llew needed new slippers and I wanted to find some extra little things for them like a play tent and an umbrella for the rainy days. To my (and their!) delight, we found all the things we needed and the boys happily bundled up to go home after our little haul.

The best thing about that night was Llew’s surprise treat.

Outside the drugstore, there was a man selling balloons. I suppose I would say that Llew is part stereotypical little boy in that he loves his cars. So when he saw a Lightning McQueen balloon being sold along the road, he immediately pointed it out to me. I was hesitant to buy it but the joy he and his brother had in running around the garden area of the mall and just generally being outdoors…well, it got to me.

We turned around and bought the balloon. The way his face lit up was absolutely priceless! He hugged the balloon all the way home and even brought it and his and Kian’s new play tent up to our room.

Little things indeed. Thank you for the reminder, my babies.


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