Fabulous Friday

Woke Up Like This

Or at least, close enough to it.

I don’t really do selfies but sometimes, the mood hits. Plus, I did say I wanted to track the progress of my skin care routine.

So here’s me last week.

Terrible selfie, I know. I don’t mind ugly photos of me on my blog, hahaha.

And here’s me just a few days ago:

Full disclosure:

I added eyebrows (used dark brown eyeshadow from Etude House) and put on NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam.

Yeah…I really don’t do that Instagram posing thing. Sorry.

Blemishes on my forehead are clearing up. It’s partly allergy, partly stress. The cheeks…I scratch. Bad habit. That should clear up soon.

I swore to once again wear lipstick daily because I have a massive collection. For someone who doesn’t always wear makeup, 25 tubes is no joke.

So there. One week. So far, so good.


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