As of today, 13 February 2016:

I started this to finally consolidate everything, everything, everything. Only a small part of me will be left separate from this blog and that is my art–which I am likely to talk about here as well anyway, just that I will be posting most of it on my other blog.

I began my personal online blogging with the handle “The Career Housewife” with the idea of reminding myself of the two things I wanted to balance out. As I wrote in my original blog:

…there’s nothing wrong with being a wife, mother, and participant in the corporate world and there is nothing wrong with being a wife and mother period. They are equally rewarding in my opinion…I simply choose to call my being a housewife my career because it is what I want to do with my life: stay at home, mind the household, and raise my family. Anything else I get into will be a separate reward.

I have been focused solely on being a mom since 2013. This, I realised, created an imbalance in my system and by the time I was pregnant with our second, I knew I would have to change it so I could continue to be as good a mom as I want to both kids.

So this year is the year I set myself up to continue what I started in 2011. I’m not entirely sure how to accomplish that considering all of the things I need to do at this point but I certainly will try.

So 2016 will, be this kind of year:

  • The time when I go back to my art. I have two: written and visual. I’ve been writing articles for a magazine and online which is an art as well, but I very much prefer a different type of story telling. As for the visual, I have always enjoyed drawing and painting since childhood and photography became a second interest when I was nine.
  • The time when I give back. I’ve not had the chance to seriously do something for the animal welfare, which is the cause I wish to support, so this year, I’m working on that one, too.
  • The time I get to know myself again. Wife and mother are still both fairly new names for myself. I’ll need to work on figuring out how it all fits with the other aspects of my life and personality, as well as balancing it all out.

2016 didn’t open well for me, I’ll be honest, but I’m hoping this will help me figure things out and connect with other people as well. Why not, yeah?

The growth journey continues.