Fabulous Friday

[CheerFunder] Mother’s Day Breastfeeding Photo Shoot

I’ve posted my breastfeeding photo with my sons before and today I’m sharing it again because Go Breastfeed is having another breastfeeding photo shoot session! Celebrate Mother’s Day with a #GoBreastfeedBoldly breastfeeding photography session. When you join the fourth batch of #GoBreastfeedBoldly, you support our mission to educate and empower people to breastfeed. Proceeds will…… Continue reading [CheerFunder] Mother’s Day Breastfeeding Photo Shoot

Mommy Monday

Breastfeeding Boldly and Confidently: My #GoBreastfeedBoldly Experience

There may be a few points that have to be known before I continue: I have been a professional stage actor. This matters because there were times that, in locations with limited dressing space, I had to change costumes in front of co-actors of the opposite sex. Wearing appropriately modest undergarments, yes, and always on…… Continue reading Breastfeeding Boldly and Confidently: My #GoBreastfeedBoldly Experience