Fabulous Friday

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But

I’ve decided to start doing oil pulling. One of the blogs I occasionally read says this about it and I think it may do me some good.

My mom has been doing it for some months now and while she hasn’t given any reviews that it has done a significant amount of good for her, she has mentioned that it’s given her oral care a better feel over-all. She’s had to be careful about the oil dripping out of the corners of her mouth, though. I suppose if the claims of bacteria and toxin removal are to be believed, that may be the reason she found the corners of her mouth drying out or getting sores.

Kind of scared now, haha!

It’s kind of a question of time and timing for me. 10-20 minutes of swishing feels like a lot to ask for from someone who barely has time to pee between work, kids, and household concerns. On the other hand, it feels like it’s the perfect thing to do for a bit of self-reflection and quiet time.

So far I’ve lasted all of 30 seconds before deciding to spit. Let’s see how long it takes for me to get it done longer.


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